Decisions, Decisions

I have been hemming and hawing about what to do with this blog.  I have come very close to  just deleting it a number of times, but then I hesitate.

I recently read a blog from a photographer that I met on-line through Flickr a number of years ago and his statement was that he started his blog just for his own use to document his photography and how he progressed.  He wasn’t interested in getting  likes or followers.  The more I think about it, that makes a lot of sense

So, I think that is what this blog is going to be all about – just my ramblings about what I am doing with my photography so that in the future I can look back and see how I have progressed.

Time to get started again

Well, a lot of time has passed since I have written anything here.  Maybe it is time to attempt to get this blog off the ground again.

I actually spent some time with a fine art photographer / professor earlier this year.  After talking with him, I headed in a different direction as far as organization of my photo catalog and also thinking about how I “develop” some of my photos.

It is surprising how long it takes to re-categorize 70,000 photos. I am also spending extra time adding more keywords and using Adobe Lightroom’s facial recognition. There is a lot to learn in all these areas.

For now, the goal that I am setting for myself, with this blog, to post a comment once per week.  I may also reformat it in the future. We will see how I do.

If you would like to check out my photos, please click on the links at the top of the page.

Thanks for stopping by.


Monitor Calibration

Moonrise - 20150702-60D6801This has been an interesting few days. Besides working on the photos from the NH trip, I have been watching some of the seminars that I have from CreativeLive having to do with output of photos, etc. I am afraid I have gotten dragged into the dreaded (for me) monitor / printer calibration mess. It is enough to boggle the mind. I have already run into problems with what I print out not being what I am seeing on the screen. I did manage to manually calibrate the printer so things look right.

The monitor is a different story. I have been looking at Datacolor Spyder5 and X-Rite ColorMunki for monitor calibration. Not sure which one I will get, if either.

In the back of my mind I am also thinking about Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Business page, WordPress, and Photoshelter and how to tie them all together or should I drop some of them. Time will tell.

Here is another photo that I have been working on.

Moonrise - 20150702-60D6801

Back from New Hampshire


waterfall - _MG_5865

We spent the last two weeks in New Hampshire and I managed to take 2800+ photos during that time.  It has taken me the better part of three days to get them all downloaded and partially cataloged using Adobe Lightroom 6.  Now I have to start going through them and deciding which ones I want to post.  The cataloging and selection are the tedious parts of photography.  Oh well, I guess you have to take it all together.

I have already posted a few to my website, but I have a lot more to go.  Here’s a sample

Have I really gotten organized?

I now have my website set-up with links to this blog, Instagram, and Twitter. Neither Instagram or Twitter have much in them yet but hopefully that will get better as time goes by.

I have left a comment on my old blog page that I am moving to this site. I will delete the old one in the next week or so.

If anyone sees goofs or glitches on any of the sites/pages, please feel free to leave a note for me so I can correct them.


First Exhibit

We took down my first exhibit Friday, It had been up for almost two months at Open Spirit in Framingham. Considering it was my first, I think it was a success. I had a lot of very positive feedback.  I am not sure what might be next.

I have been slowly going through my photos from our trip to Lake George. Some of them are getting posted to my website under the New York Gallery.  I hope to add more this week.

I have also started experimenting with Twitter and Instagram.  There is so much to learn.

Shifting blogs

I watched a live seminar by Lindsay Adler (a NY photographer) on CreativeLive yesterday about Social Media Marketing. It was really good.

The one thing that I really picked up on was that you need to be consistent across all your sites and that you should be active in as many places as possible without getting overwhelmed.

In that my website is “artnortonphoto” and my email address is “artnortonphoto” I figured my blog should be the same. I am in the process of setting that up now and I will be using a different template. When I get it sorted out, I will comment here and include the new address.

And, I have also created a Twitter account @artnortonphoto and an Instagram account artnortonphoto.  Boy, this is going to be a challenge.  🙂  I will just be adding a few more gray hairs to the ones that I already have.

My first Goof

Well, this is now very interesting.  I decided I wasn’t thrilled with the theme that I was using so I decided to change it.  When I did change it, I had some unexpected results so I am now rethinking the layout.  As I mentioned previously (if I can ever find those comments) this will definitely be an interesting journey.