Abstract Photography

motion-blur-20161201_mg_8452A little different subject from what I am used to.  I was going through some courses on the GrayLearning website yesterday and Tim had just posted a new one on Motion Blur. I have spent some time working with long exposure photos and moving water, but I have never done the blur by moving the camera.  At least not intentionally. 🙂

I have a subscription to GreyLearning so I logged in a watched the course. It was a short one.  Only about thirty minutes or so.  It did give me some ideas so I went out first thing this morning when there were still a lot of shadows on the trees and started to experiment.  The ‘featured image‘ is one of my better attempts at moving the camera in a vertical motion at 1/8th of a second. A little post processing in Lightroom and I think it came out reasonably well.  Mmmm, maybe I will add an Abstract gallery to my PhotoShelter site in the next week or so.


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