I spent the evening trying to figure out how to get my website and Photoshelter to have the same look and feel.  What a mess.  I did manage to get both to have the same logo (sort of) and they do look similar in general format now.  As a last gasp for the evening, I did manage to link this blog to my main page on my website and vice versa.  Based on that, maybe I will keep my blog here and just try to reformat the “theme” so it looks like the other two spot.

I wish my brain was not slowing down with age.  Oh well.  I am definitely keeping it active. LOL


3 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Everything looks more professional than you realize. It’s not your brain, it’s the difficulties of formatting. Often I leave more than one font in the same post because no matter how many times I change it, ‘it’ has a mind of its own. Good luck with future polishing!

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