Our Awesome World

sunrise-20161012_mg_5893Yikes, where has the time gone.  There have been so many times I have intended to sit down and write something, but then I never seem to quite get around to it.  I really admire all the folks out there that write on their blog on a consistent basis.  It does seem to take a lot of willpower to stay with it.

This post is going to be a little off the subject of photography, but, photography is how I got here tonight.

My wife and I spent a few days in Ogunquit, Maine last week.  We have been going up there for the last 8 years or so.  It is the only place that I seem to wake up right around or before sunrise.

On our first morning, Bette looked out first and said the sunrise was AWESOME.  I jumped up, grabbed my camera, and took the above shot with my Canon 60D and my EF-S 15-85mm lens.  This photo has NOT been edited.  It was dumped from the memory card to Lightroom and then right back out as a JPG file. I also posted a photo that I took from my cell phone (HTC10) to my Instagram account and shared it on my Facebook account. Again, no editing.

I have looked at this photo many times and each time I do, it reminds me of what an amazing world we live in.  There are over 7 billion of us living on this little blue marble in the Milky Way galaxy which is made up of 100 billion stars.  The current estimate is that there are over 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Can you imagine the intelligent life forms that must be out there somewhere?  It just completely boggles the mind.

And on the flip side, just look around you and check out all the wonderful things that are within your sight. We stopped by the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine. That is a wonderful place to visit. I hope to post some photos to my website and my Facebook page in the next few days.

Hopefully I will become a little more disciplined in the future and post on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “Our Awesome World

  1. Being by the ocean certainly puts one’s life in perspective! It is mind boggling to think there may be other life forms on other planets out there. I liked how you wrote that 7 billion of us are living on a small blue marble in the Milky Way Galaxy which is made up of over a 100 billion stars. A very thought provoking and humbling post. 🙂


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