Never as simple as it seems

Hot Air Balloon
We had quite a surpise while we were staying on Lake Fairlee in Vermont. We heard a faint woosh off in the distance and ran down to the beach to see what it was. We watched this hot air balloon soar across the lake. It touch down on the water and then gloated away into the sunset. It was a beautiful site.

Bette and I spent the last two weeks in Vermont and New Hampshire and I had everything all figured out as far as how I was going to deal with my photos during that time.  As I filled up my memory cards, I was going to load the photos onto my daughter’s old laptop for safe keeping, and then move them over to my desktop when I got home.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

My problem was that I decided to work on some of them while we were on vacation.  Oops, that now meant that I couldn’t just move the photos over. I had to merge the Lightroom catalog from the laptop with my master catalog on the desktop.

When we got home and after we unpacked, I spent a lot of time watching videos on YouTube trying to figure out exactly how to do that. Once I thought I figured it out, I went ahead and did the merge and it turned out it wasn’t quite that easy. I somehow managed to mess up the links to the photos so I had to have LR find all of the 1800 “missing” photos again. Then there were also problems with  the metadata not synching so I apparently had two versions. Then the question was, which one should I use – the original info from the laptop or the info that was now with the photos on the desktop? I chose to go with the original and so far it looks like that was the correct choice. We will see how things go in the next couple of days as I start to go through all the photos.

The Featured Image is of a hot air balloon that we spotted going over Lake Fairlee, VT.  We had just finished supper when we heard the noise and ran down to the beach.  It came sailing over the trees, passed over the summer camp next door, touched the water, and then soared up again, floating away into the distance. It was a beautiful site.  I hope to post more pics of it on my website and Facebook in the next couple of days.


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