So many directions to go

LR - Sunset - 20160531-034The last couple of days have been very interesting.  I seem to be going in way too many directions right now.

  1. I have been taking more photos with my HTC One (M8) and getting a little frustrated with it.  Wish there were more options available for modifying the pics before posting them online.  LR mobile (which I have) might work.  Just need to take the time to learn it.  Fascinated by the new HTC 10 phone. Everything I am reading is that the camera is excellent. It even supports RAW which is great.  Contract is up on my current phone, so upgrading to the new phone is a possibility.
  2. Had a conversation with Fred Levy yesterday ( I originally met him through the Metro-west Photography Collaborative (  He created a book called the Black Dogs Project. It is a wonderful book with beautiful photos and wonderful stories. Talking with him has gotten the spark going again to learn new things and get out there more and just take photos.
  3. In that Adobe Bridge is part of the Photography CC package, I got curious about it and started looking at tutorials. It turns out that it really is not for me at this point.  Lightroom (LR) CC and Photoshop (PS) CC are a good fit.
  4. While poking around You Tube, I came across a  tutorial on creating great sunsets using Lightroom CC. ( He talked about some things that I had not used before in LR – Tone Curve, Split Toning, and parts of Detail.  Very interesting stuff.  Will be very helpful going forward.

I also renewed my subscription to Tim Grey Learning.  He is a great photographer who has multiple things going on all the time. You can see what he is up to here: (


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