Monitor Calibration

Moonrise - 20150702-60D6801This has been an interesting few days. Besides working on the photos from the NH trip, I have been watching some of the seminars that I have from CreativeLive having to do with output of photos, etc. I am afraid I have gotten dragged into the dreaded (for me) monitor / printer calibration mess. It is enough to boggle the mind. I have already run into problems with what I print out not being what I am seeing on the screen. I did manage to manually calibrate the printer so things look right.

The monitor is a different story. I have been looking at Datacolor Spyder5 and X-Rite ColorMunki for monitor calibration. Not sure which one I will get, if either.

In the back of my mind I am also thinking about Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Business page, WordPress, and Photoshelter and how to tie them all together or should I drop some of them. Time will tell.

Here is another photo that I have been working on.

Moonrise - 20150702-60D6801


2 thoughts on “Monitor Calibration

  1. Beautiful picture! ‘They’ say it’s better to have a few social media sites that you really care about rather than sporadically and infrequently posting on many. Maybe after a while you’ll find which ones work best for you, or like you say, you’ll hitch them all together and one post will automatically show up everywhere. It certainly can be overwhelming!

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